Miniature Blessings Does
Born June 26, 2008

Sire:  KACO Yellow Rose Feature Page
Dam:  Kaapio Acre's KK Syrah

Sire's Sire:  Kaapio Acres KK Chief Justice
Sire's Dam:  Piddlin Acres Thunder's Fringe G+

Dam's Sire:  MCH Rosasharn Tom's Keiki Kane
Dam's Dam:  Gay-Mor's RA Nesselrode *D AR1649
Wild Wind Farm Ginger Snap
Born May 22, 2008

Wood Bridge Farm Romeo *S
Dam:  Laurel Haven Leah

Sire's Sire:  Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S
Sire's Dam:  GCH Sugar Creek PT  Ring-Neck  
     Dove      2*D AR 1729     

Dam's Sire:   Moon Spinner's Fire Bud
Dam's Dam:  Selah Meadows Sahara
2011 Linear Appraisal:  VEE+ 86
Miniature Blessings Ellie
Born April 23, 2011

Old Mountain Farm Palindrome
(2011 AGS Nationals RGCH Buck)
Dam:  Wild Wind Farm Ginger Snap

Sire's Sire:  CH Buttin'Heads Palimony   
SIre's Dam:  CH Bomahook Acres HSRD
Demi Plie'

Dam's Sire:  
Wood Bridge Farm Romeo*S
Dam's Dam:  Laurel Haven Leah

Kidding History:
2012 - 1 doeling, 1 buckling

Show History
Grand Champion Jr. Doe, AOP, Medina Co. (dry leg)

1st Place Milking Yearling, AOP, Medina County
Kidding History:
2010 - 2 doelings, 1 buckling
2011 - 1 doeling, 2 bucklings
2012 - 2 doelings, 2 bucklings
2014 - 1 doeling, 2 bucklings
Kidding History:
2010 - 1 doeling, 2 bucklings
2011 - 2 doelings, 1 buckling
2012 - 1 doeling
2014 - 1 buckling
"There will be goats milk enough for thy food,
for   the food of thy household..."
Proverbs 27:27
First Freshening

Show History
1st Place, Medina County, AOP
Grand Champion Mature Milker,
Medina County, AOP (leg)