Miniature Acres Farm
Miniature Acres Farm is home to Miniature Blessings Nigerians.

My husband Bill and I have four children, 6 goats, 9 chickens, 2 dogs, and 3

We are truly miniature from the size of our farm, to our dwarf goats and our
dwarf apple trees.  Our goal is to become as self-sufficient as possible.  

We decided to raise goats for milk, and in my research I came across the
Nigerian Dwarf breed.  They seemed to fit our needs perfectly - dairy goats
that require a smaller amount of space.   We found Sedona (we call her
Sarah) online at New Moon Nigerians.  In an attempt to locate a buddy for
Sarah, we went to our local fair.  There I met Cindy of Wild Wind Farms and
purchased Ginger Snap (we call her Evey) from her children.  Cindy and I
became friends and I look to her as my "goat mentor."

As new goat owners, we were surprised at how friendly and personable
our "kids" were.  They are certainly more than just livestock to us.   

For more information, contact Mary
"There will be goats milk enough for thy food,
for   the food of thy household..."
Proverbs 27:27